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  • 2015-01-22
  • 2015-01-21
    • Some functions have changed.
      ・The maximum quantity of the frames with a "Print" operation has increased from 20 to 50.
      # Note: This change is experimental and valid only in the accesses from the Internet or partner libraries. To maintain system stability, the quantity may be subject to change to a former state without notice.
      ・In the Print Modification, the way to trim the image has changed.
      ・In the Advanced Search, the position of the checkboxes of Access Restrictions were changed from the lower area to the upper one.
      ・Digital Object Identifier (DOI) numbers have been assigned to the items of the Doctoral Dissertations, Rare Books and Old Materials and the publications issued by the NDL.
  • 2015-01-19
    • Approximately 50 items of Science Film were added to the NDL Digital Collections. These items are onsite access only.


The books acquired by the NDL up to 1968, parliamentary and statutory materials, and children's books are available (900,000 books as of August 2013).
Among them, 350,000 books whose copyrights have been cleared, are also available on the Internet.
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Of the periodicals held by the NDL, about 1,235,000 volumes (about 13,000 titles) are digitized.
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Rare Books and Old Materials

Out of the 300,000 items stored in the Rare Books and Old Materials Room of the NDL, about 92,000 are avaiable as digital images.

These items are: Japanese items created before the end of the Edo period (1868), Chinese items created before the end of the Qing dynasty, including Nishiki-e (colored woodblock prints), E-zu (old maps and plans), and nationally-designated important cultural properties.
About 20,000 items are available only within the facilities of the NDL, because of relatively recent or unknown publication dates.
A List of Items with Analyses and Transcriptions (Japanese Only)

Doctoral Dissertations

About 140,000 Japanese doctoral dissertations, received by the NDL between FY1991-FY2000, are digitized. And the NDL has acquired electronic doctoral dissertations for which degrees were conferred in or after April 2013. These are available within the facilities of the NDL.
Of them, 15,000 titles are available also on the Internet, due to the authors' cooperation.
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Official Gazettes

The Official Gazettes, from its first issue of July 2, Meiji 16 (1883) up to the issue of April 30, Showa 27 (1952), are available here. OFFICIAL GAZETTE; ENGLISH EDITION, which was published only during the occupation period by the GHQ (1946-1952) is also available online, but under the category of "Periodicals".


With the cooperation of the Ishinomaki newspaper publishing company, the picture of the wall newspaper, published six days after the Great East Japan Earthquake is exhibited.
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Modern Japanese Political History Materials

About 300 items from the document collection of the Modern Japanese Political History Materials Room of the NDL are available here. The collection includes correspondences, manuscripts, diaries, and photographs, which originally belonged to the eminent figures of the Japanese modern political history.

Materials on the Allied Occupation of Japan

Japanese Political History Materials Room of the NDL holds reports on the records of U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey (Pacific theater), including reports and memoranda on the effects and impacts of bombing of the potential targets in Japanese territories. Parts of this collection (ca. 20,000 items) are available on this database, including records of air-raids during the WW2. The NDL will continue to digitize this collection. About 1,300 items of the Records of General Headquarters, Far East Command, partly limited to onsite access, and about 500 images of illustrations used for Reports of General MacArthur are also available in this category. The originals of these documents are held by the National Archives and Records Administration of the United States.

Gordon W. Prange Collection

During the occupation period after the World War II, Japanese publications were censored by the Allied Forces. The Gordon W. Prange Collection consists of the newspapers, magazines and books submitted to the Allied Powers, and the originals are now preserved in the University of Maryland, U.S. From this collection, ca. 13,000 books were digitized and made available in the reading rooms of the NDL. Some items have notes made during the censorship process such as "delete" etc.

Historical Recordings Collection

The Historical Recordings Collection consists of about 50,000 sound recordings of music, speeches, etc. on 78rpm records and metal discs used to press commercial releases from around 1900 to 1950. To prevent loss of the sound recordings due to scatter and deterioration of 78rpm records, the Historical Records Archive Promotion Conference (HiRAC) digitized early Japanese recordings. The NDL provides all of the sound recordings digitized by the HiRAC within the facilities of the NDL and the participating libraries, and a part of the collection with expired copyright on the Internet. The collection contains recordings from a wide variety of genres such as Japanese traditional music, folk music, rakugo, kabuki, classical music, opera, popular music, speeches, etc.

Historical Recordings Collection special website(Japanese)


Science Film

The Society for the Support of the Science Film Museum (Incorporated NPO) collected and digitized science films. These films produced mainly from 1950s to 1990s.
Among these films, the films provided by the society to the NDL are available within the facilities of the NDL.

Online Publications

Born-digital publications (white papers, annual reports, PR magazines) collected from the websites.

For archives websites, please go to Web-Archiving Project.