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List of the "Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Libraries" partner libraries (as of September 1, 2021)

Only partner libraries that are approved for listing are listed. In this page only partner libraries outside Japan are listed. Partner libraries in Japan are listed in 図書館向けデジタル化資料送信サービス参加館一覧 (in Japanese).

【Please check in advance!】

  • You have to be a registered user of a partner library to use the "Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Libraries" there.
    Please check conditions in advance, such as the range of registered users of your local library and how to use the service.
    (If the terms of use are not met, you may not be able to use the service in some cases.)
    Please ask your local library any other questions about use.
  • Materials with access restrictions set as "Available only at the NDL and partner libraries" are not available online because they are under copyright or their copyright has not been checked. If you want to view images of the text, please come to the NDL or partner libraries below.
  • Partner libraries with 【View Only】 after the name in the below list do not offer copy services. Saving or printing digital data is prohibited.
    You can request copies via a local library that offers international interlibrary services. Please consult your local library regarding availability of photoduplication services and how to request them.
  • If you have a NDL Online account, you can request photocopies by logging into your NDL Online account. (Only if there is a remote photoduplication button in the bibliographic information area.)

For more detailed information about the "Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Libraries", please see "図書館向けデジタル化資料送信サービス" (in Japanese). For more information for libraries that are considering applying for the service, please see "Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Libraries (For Librarians)".

For more detailed information about the Remote Photoduplication service, please see either of the following:

<List by Area: WORLD>

[North America] United States of America
[Europe] Italy / Spain
Country Libraries

United States of America

C.V. Starr East Asian Library, University of California, Berkeley 【View Only】
University of Iowa Libraries 【View Only】


Istituto Giapponese di Cultura Biblioteca (ローマ日本文化会館図書館) 【View Only】


Biblioteca de Humanidades, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid 【View Only】